Mtg Mana Curve Calculator How Can I Make This Mtg Deck Better?

How can i make this mtg deck better? - mtg mana curve calculator

I've got a pack of MTG and I need help streamline and get the mana-curve also down. Here:

1x Chrome Mox
1x Krosan cloudscraper
1x howltooth Hole
1x Caves of gems
1x Urza's Factory
1x Suncrusher
1x avatar Pain
1x Akroma's Memorial
1x nightmare
2x phantasmagoria
1x eyeblights Hunter
1x Elite nath
1x Nath of the gold leaf
1x Magician Cash
1x Zombie Vulture
2x Liliana Vess
Stuffy Doll 1x
2x Elvish Promenade
1x Temporal Extortion
3x Dread Return
3x remains essentially
1x skullcage
Anthem 1x Gaia
1x lilies scarblade Alana
2x hours eyeblights
Scar Archers 2x
2x Elvish Harbinger
1x Elvish Champion
2x imperious perfect
1x steel sculpture
1x diamond ring
Run to win 1x troglodytes
1x it foiled
1x wrapped in force
1x greenseeker
1x Vampiric Link
1x Magician of the vine
1x Immaculate Magistrate
12x Swamp
10x Forest

I have to spend money, but not much. Thanks in advance


Slip K said...

12x better forest

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